2nd grade

We have started learning English playing different games

We have started: Healthy food Project. We are going to learn how to classify food into different groups such as: proteins, fats, dairy products etc... 

Let's practice parts of the house during the second term


Enjoy your Christmas Holidays singing

Have a nice HAPPY Halloween!

We have started our lessons

During the second term and part of the third, we have been rehearsing different traditional English tales or songs. Here you can see our result. Enjoy it! We had lots of fun.

Have a look at these new topics.

That´s how we learn vocabulary in the English classroom. We have fun using Genky English application and playing with dominoes and bingos.

Christmas is coming pretty soon. Here you have some activities to practice English in a very funny way. We hope you enjoy it! Have a very nice X-mas holidays from your English teachers.

Let´s practice the Halloween words

Let´s practice our Unit number 1

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